57% young professionals keen to switch careers: LinkedIn Survey

57% young professionals keen to switch careers: LinkedIn Survey

According to a recent survey done by LinkedIn, about 57% of young Indian professionals are ‘career sleepwalking’ and want to build a more fulfilling career. These people have a desire to move to a career which is more rewarding, however, most of the times are held back by its adverse impact on pay packages and designations, the survey said.

The professional network had surveyed over 5,000 professionals across 11 cities. The questions aimed to know the rapid changing career paths and preferences, the motivation behind professionals staying in their current jobs and what beliefs these professionals have that would take them closer to their dream jobs, reported TOI.

About 87% respondents working in the IT industry believe that even though they may be skilful and in an equipped position to be able to achieve a career pivot, they might lose credibility as a consequence of the same. This often holds them back from switching careers.

The report further said that, “About 33% of millennials (23-28 years) surveyed has had two jobs within the last five years, compared to one in five Gen X (39-54 years) respondents. Half of Gen Z (22 years and below) respondents were in their last job only for six months to one year, and 28% of Gen Z respondents are likely to change their job in less than a year”.

Millennials are welcoming change as compared to their older counterparts, according to the survey. Nearly 61% of millennials would consider switching their careers compared to only 18% of Baby Boomers (54 years and above).

“Today‘ s professionals want a lot more fulfilment from their jobs and careers, and wish to be empowered to change roles and sectors”, the daily quoted Mahesh Narayanan, country manager, India, LinkedIn, as saying.

The survey further said that almost 73% of respondents’ dream job would be a job that would allow them to do something they love.